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New York Times Mentions Evren!

The Problem With Current Treatments

Millions of Americans suffer from PTSD yet currently available treatments leave 66% still seeking relief from distressing symptoms. Even with medication, only 20% of patients fully recover, while the majority still suffer from anxiety, depression, anger, social isolation, interpersonal difficulties, and suicidality.

Promising New Research

Built upon promising new research on vagus nerve stimulation therapy, Evren Technologies will create a non-invasive earbud device to externally deliver this revolutionary FDA approved treatment.

The Phoenix is a portable device that delivers a light electrical tingle to your vagus nerve which induces a calming effect shown to reduce symptoms of PTSD with no side effects.

Mentioned in the New York Times, Evren’s revolutionary device is changing how people recover from trauma. We are excited to conduct further research and development of this revolutionary new treatment option. The Phoenix was also recently awarded a Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA!

Reasons to Invest

We need investors like you to help us reach our goal of providing relief to millions of people suffering from PTSD. This is a $22.5B market and is increasing every year. Help us make a true difference in PTSD research and help people around the world rise above PTSD.

You can become an early investor for as little as $399!

Visit our raise page on StartEngine to learn more about the perks of becoming an early investor.

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