The Phoenix® is an earbud that delivers a light electrical tingle to activate your vagus nerve, which has a calming effect on the body and helps reduce the symptoms of PTSD.  Providing a device that resembles a consumer electronic allows users to receive therapy throughout the day without concern about stigma or attracting invasive questions from bystanders.  Additionally, our proprietary algorithm monitors user's stress levels and provides personalized therapy based on these readings. 


The auricular branch of the vagus nerve only targets afferent fibers, sending signals directly to the brain without the need for surgery.


Unlike antidepressants' high levels of side effects like impotence, insomnia, and agitation; no study using taVNS has ever reported a significant adverse side effect of therapy.


The Phoenix® adaptive-response algorithm and multiple modes of treatment deliver targeted relief and allow users to customize their treatment to their individual needs.


The Phoenix® has demonstrated a clinically-significant reduction of the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS-5) for all PTSD patients enrolled in our pilot trial.

The Phoenix®

will also include:

  • Earbud: designed for optimal VNS placement

  • Closed loop technology detecting level of autonomic distress from PPG measuring RSA/Variable Heart Rate and proprietary algorithm that adjusts stimulation to respond to patient’s needs

  • Cell or tablet Device Controller app (multiple treatment modes for different symptoms or treatment regimes)

  • PTSD Symptom Tracker app with remote Monitoring capabilities

  • Clinician monitoring portal

  • Carrying and charging case


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