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Rise Above PTSD™

Andy's Story

The Evren Phoenix has not been approved by FDA

and its safety and effectiveness has not yet been established.


to treating PTSD

Evren Technologies has developed non-invasive bioelectronic medical devices that use vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) to lessen or alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Caution: Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use.

Invest in our Vision

Evren Technologies is looking for investors to help fund the final stages of FDA clinical trials and go-to-market activities for the Phoenix CR system.

Please note that any investment in Evren is subject to strict compliance with Federal and State securities laws.   Our securities are not being offered through this website, no money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy our securities can be made or accepted, and no part of any purchase price can be received, until official offering documents are available and only through an authorized channel.  If you are interested in learning where and when Evren securities may be offered in compliance with securities laws, please leave your contact information by selecting “Get Information”.

does PTSD matter?

PTSD is a devastating psychiatric disorder caused by exposure to a horrific or life-threatening trauma.  People with PTSD have difficulty sleeping, nightmares, persistent frightening flashbacks, sudden pathologically-intense outbursts of anger, violence, or anxiety, feel numb or detached, and avoid “triggers” (people or places that remind them of the trauma).

​The clinical, social, and financial burdens are enormous.  The annual cost to society is estimated at over $232 billion. In the VA alone more than 900,000 veterans receive PTSD disability compensation.

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PTSD Treatment Market

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What is VNS?

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a type of neuromodulation, which is a treatment that alters the activity of nerves. Vagus nerve stimulation involves implanting a device that sends regular, mild pulses of electrical energy to your brainstem through your vagus nerve in your neck. After reaching your brainstem, the electrical charge is discharged to different areas of your brain to change the way brain cells work.

What is the Vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve, also known as the vagal nerves, are the main nerves of your parasympathetic nervous system. This system controls specific body functions such as your digestion, heart rate and immune system. These functions are involuntary, meaning you can’t consciously control them.

VNS Research

The vagus nerve is critical in many therapeutic areas. It's beneficial in restoring balance to sympathetic activity that is abnormally raised, or parasympathetic activity that is lowered.   


A sample of what researchers are investigating:

  • VNS mechanisms of action 

  • Restoration of autonomic balance

  • Laying new neural pathways during tasks

  • Reduction of symptoms and systemic inflammatory responses 

Patient advisory Committee

We are looking for patients diagnosed with PTSD to join our Patient Advisory Committee. 


If you have PTSD and want to support our mission of creating a better treatment option, sign up today.


Together we can rise above PTSD!

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