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Evren Wins the Harvard Business School Pitch Competition!

Evren Technologies was selected the winner of the the Harvard Business School Pitch Competition of 2020, a competition that involved multiple rounds and spanned across industries. As winners of the competition, Evren will continue on to pitch for the HBS Alumni Angels of Miami on November 2, 2020. In addition, Evren won a three-month complimentary CIC coworking membership, complimentary legal services from PAG and intellectual property legal advice from The Brickell IP Group.

"We are extremely honored to be selected as the first place winners of the HBS Pitch Competition," said Blythe Karow, President & CEO of Evren Technologies, "There was some tough competition and we had a major technical glitch during one of the rounds that I was sure would knock us out of the running, but we prevailed! We look forward to our opportunity to pitch to the HBS Alumni Angels next month."

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