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Evren Technologies Chosen to Present at the 2021 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum

Gainesville, FL – April 1, 2021 – For the third consecutive year, Evren Technologies, Inc. has been selected to present at the 2021 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum hosted by Neurotech Reports. Blythe Karow, President & CEO, will join other leaders in the field to discuss entrepreneurship in emerging bioelectronic medicine.

“We are always excited for the opportunity to discuss advancements made in the field with our peers. These events help foster innovation and continue to drive the industry forward. We appreciate the continued support of Neurotech Reports and look forward to participating in another great event!” -Blythe Karow, President & CEO, Evren Technologies, Inc.

The 2021 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum will be held virtually via Zoom on April 6th. The forum will feature leading researchers and entrepreneurs discussing a range of technologies and indications for bioelectronic medicine. Evren Technologies, Inc. will join two other emerging companies for Entrepreneur Panel I, scheduled for 11:30-12:30pm.

Click Here for an overview of the event, including a full schedule and speaker list.

About Evren Technologies:

Evren Technologies, established in 2018, is a privately-held neuromodulation company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, near the University of Florida. Evren’s mission is to advance the treatment of PTSD and other psychological disorders through wearable neurostimulation products. The Company’s initial product, the Phoenix™, will provide transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation in an effective, discreet, wearable earbud design.


M. Blythe Karow

Evren Technologies, Inc.

President & CEO


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