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Together We Rise

At Evren, our goal is to produce the highest quality PTSD product possible based on cutting edge research and technology. In order to achieve this goal, we use Human-Centered Design throughout product development.  This means connecting with patients and clinicians is integral to our process and we are actively looking for participants to test clinical results and provide feedback on device design for the Phoenix®.

To create the best treatment options possible, we want to hear from you. Your voice is crucial for developing better PTSD treatments and improving patients lives. We are stronger together and together we will rise above PTSD.


See the options below to find out how you can contribute :  


For Patients

Our patient advisory board provides first hand experiences with PTSD to identify what is missing with current treatment options. This feedback is crucial in creating a device that best suits the needs of those suffering. 


For Clinicians

Clinicians who treat PTSD patients are another crucial piece to this puzzle. Your experiences with traditional treatment options across multiple patients can help refine our device for those administering and receiving treatment. 


For Investors

Evren is on the forefront of two of the fastest growing fields in the medical industry: wearable teach and VNS. This opportunity allows you to get in on the ground floor of the future of medical devices. Fill out the form to learn more. 

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