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Evren Technologies Awarded $172K Military Contract to Support Soldier Safety and Performance

Evren is thrilled to be partnered with Emory University and Dr. Doug Bremner, a leading PTSD researcher and an authority on acute stress, for this contract from the Army Medical Research and Development Command. This work presents an opportunity for significant improvements to managing stress response in both military and civilian applications.

In 2018, 28% of all medical evacuations were attributed to mental-health related symptoms. It is expected that Acute Stress Reactions (ASRs) will occur with increased frequency in far forward combat environments in future conflicts. Those who experience an ASR are at far greater risk of developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

ASRs are also common among first responders. It is estimated that police officers experience 7 traumas per year on average, and firefighters experience an average of 9 significant traumas in the first three years of service.

There are currently no FDA-approved treatments for ASRs. Existing treatments for PTSD, including psychotherapy and medications, have limited efficacy in many cases, and in others are ineffective.

taVNS Reduces Stress Responses

Acute Stress Reactions (ASRs) are a normal human response to stressful or life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, ASRs can negatively impact cognitive, physiological and emotional functioning. They have also been connected to poor decision making and diminished task performance. Therefore, it is critical that we identify ways to reduce stress responses in order to maintain soldier performance in high threat environments.

Transcutaneous auricular vagal nerve stimulation (taVNS) is a non-invasive, painless treatment that can be self-administered using a small device designed to fit inside the ear and gently stimulate the vagus nerve. Preliminary research suggests that taVNS is associated with reduced stress reactivity.

The goals of this project are:

Goal 1: Demonstrate the effectiveness of the Phoenix® research device (CR-100) in maintaining performance after trauma or during extreme stress.

Goal 2: Improve device durability for use in hazardous or extreme environments and evaluate usability improvements.

Goal 3: Develop relationships with Army and DoD personnel interested in utilizing the system and jointly develop requirements for the device and clinical trial.

Anticipated Benefits and Potential Commercial Applications

taVNS has demonstrated great efficacy in treating PTSD in clinical trials, resulting in the Evren Phoenix device having been granted the FDA’s “Breakthrough Device” designation.

This technology has demonstrated the capability to reduce sympathetic response, reduce cortisol release, improve memory encoding capability, and decrease inflammation markers. This suggests that even after soldiers suffer significant emotional traumas, it could significantly mitigate acute stress response and improve functioning in far forward combat environments.

We intend to provide military field hospitals with an all-inclusive, multi-unit kit. We also plan to supply far forward battlefield medics with a small, single device pouch.

Civilian Market

Emergency responders commonly experience flashbacks of traumatic events. These flashbacks are referred to as "acute stress responses" (ASRs) and can occur among all types of emergency responders, including police, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Beyond day to day experience, disasters can also cause acute stress reactions in both first responders and survivors.

ASRs create a substantial burden on first responders and limit the availability of the public services provided to the communities they serve. Without proper care, ASRs can lead to PTSD.

A portable and rugged Acute Stress Reaction device would address a significant market opportunity in the disaster relief and response industries.

Join Evren Technologies as an Early Investor

We need your support in the development and distribution of the Phoenix®️ device. Invest in Evren Technologies on StartEngine and support a post-traumatic stress disorder treatment for millions of PTSD sufferers.

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