Worn daily or while sleeping, our Phoenix® earbud device will be used to reduce symptoms of PTSD, while promoting faster recovery from traumatic events by delivering neurostimulation that responds to your own body’s stress signals.


The Phoenix®

The Phoenix device is designed to fit discreetly in your ear to provide continuous therapy without bringing unwanted attention to your treatment or condition.

Proven Results 

Our initial product is based on transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation (tVNS). Multiple pre-clinical and clinical studies have shown VNS to significantly reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

How VNS Works

Using your own body rhythms, the Evren device will provide personalized therapy that is continuously customized to your needs.

"The Phoenix® is a potential game changer in the treatment of stress related disorders and PTSD by incorporating state of the art neuroscience and technology in an innovative design that resembles an earbud.  Unlike other forms of vagal nerve stimulators, the Phoenix® is a wearable with unique capabilities to  monitor, evaluate, and interpret the impact of stimulation on dynamic change in vagal efferent function.  By using the individual’s own vagal efferent pathways, the Phoenix® optimizes vagal nerve stimulation to improve positive outcomes including stress reduction, feeling of calmness, and better sleep profiles."


-Stephen W. Porges, PhD

author of The Polyvagal Theory



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