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Richard Ferrari

Board Member 

My Story

Co-founder of De Novo Ventures, one of the premier firms dedicated to medical devices and biotechnology with $650 million under management.  Mr. Ferrari has raised over a billion dollars for companies he has directly influenced and participated in approximately $1.5 billion in acquisition events.  Additionally, he has been a successful CEO of two publicly traded medical technology companies including Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, the first and leading developer of ultrasound imaging catheters which was eventually acquired for $125 million by Boston Scientific, and CardioThoracic Systems (CTS), the market leader in disposable instruments and systems for performing minimally invasive beating heart bypass surgery, which was acquired by Guidant for $350 million.  


Mr. Ferrari is the recipient of the Mallinckrodt Award for Excellence in Medicine and has been a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  He holds a BS degree from Ashland University and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

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